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Two Women Lametta Fadlallah and Amner Al Hazouri Shot Dead Inside Car In Sydney


Two Women Lametta Fadlallah and Amner Al Hazouri Shot Dead Inside Car In Sydney:- There is the news of a fatal shooting incident in Sydney, Although the news of the shooting incident has been confirmed yet a number of people are unaware of this shooting attack. This incident has shocked people on the account of the fatality of this incident. According to the available sources, the shooting incident caused two people to die.

Two Women Lametta Fadlallah and Amner Al Hazouri Shot Dead Inside Car In Sydney

Lametta Fadlallah and Amner Al Hazouri Shot Dead In Car

As far as we know the Revesby Shooting incident in occurred on Saturday, 13th August 2022. The police department has confirmed the passing away of two in a shooting. According to the sources, the victims were in a car. It was around 8.50 PM on Sunday, 13th August 2022 when a shooter targeted two women and they were shot by the man on the spot.

The police resulted in the passing away of two women with wounds from the gunshot. This news has been covered by a number of news networks in not only Sydney but also all across Australia. Although the incident caused a number of people to be scared yet the police are trying to calm people as it is the responsibility of the police. Apart from the deceased women, there were two more victims who are alive.

There are two people in the back seat of the car they are alive. They did not get severe injuries. As a result, they are alive. According to the sources, the police have shared that they were not the target of the shooters. As a result, the shooter did not shoot them. The police expressed that there was a 16-year-old girl and a 20-year-old boy in the car that surged gun strikes. But they survived and two older women died. One of the older women got injured and she sustained consciousness.

Police Launched Investigation

Shortly after getting into consciousness, she left her breath and died on the shooting scene in Revesby, Sydney, Australia on 13th August 2022. No sooner did the police get to know about the shooting attack in Revesby, Sydney than the police approached the crime scene with all the affirmative support, including the paramedics. The investigating police officers have not shared the names of the victims of the concerned shooting incident in Sydney, Australia.

May the soul of both deceased victims may get a place in Paradise to rest in peace and the other victims may get well soon More details with regard to the discussed shooting incident will be shared all across the internet as soon as possible.